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Best Desktop Computer Packages & Deals Australia

So, you are planning to give your home office a makeover for the upcoming festive season, then this is the right time when you should upgrade your desktop computer or desktop computer packages. And this is where Bufferstock can assist you. At this company, we offer a complete array of desktop computers and all-in-ones from which you can select.

All the computers that we offer are ideal for improving your digital competencies whether you want to use computers for enjoying games, surfing the internet, or working from your home. The computer package deals that we offer come with powerful performance along with a streamlined style. Here we also offer some amazing value for money deals on leading brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, etc.

Besides, the shopping filters of our site will help you to select the best computer deals with the right brand name, price range, or key features that you are in search of.

Details of computers that we offer:

The desktops in Australia that we offer in Bufferstock are available in different abilities and sizes. Therefore, these are perfect for both the users, who need a digital workhorse for virtual reality, graphics-intensive gaming, basic computing, and photo/video editing. Some desktop computer packages we offer provides various types of RAM starting at 4GB up and include intel processors with connectivity options. This allows users to play and keep you working smoothly without causing any problems.

Besides, we also allow the users to select all-in-one computer package deals that offer them the necessary power in a space-saving and stylish package. So, no matter what type of computer you need, you can trust us to get it delivered at your address.

Apart from offering the best computer ranges in Australia, we also help the buyers to get a clear idea about the anatomy of the computers. The desktop computers often come with different types of operating systems that help the users to perform complex jobs, keep up with the changes in the system, and interact with other users.

What makes us special?

When it comes to purchasing the desktop computer packages, most of the people choose to get the best value for money. And this is where Bufferstock can be your guide. Here we can offer you the computer package deals according to your budget and needs that you will get nowhere in Australia.

Computer packages are ready to go, plug and play packages. It comes with a Brand new Wifi keyboard and mouse combo , and a brand new Dual Band 1200Mbps PCI WiFi adaptor preinstalled for seamless Internet connectivity

Each computer models that we offer in Bufferstock are on the test bench for a minimum of 48 hours. And we also ensure that the desktop computer packages that we offer pass strict series of tests and a final inspection before these are sent to the clients in Australia. We always take the best care of the computers that we offer. And the technicians of our company check every detail of the computers rigorously before these leave the stores.

As mentioned before, Bufferstock can offer you the best computer package deals to help you save several hundred dollars on your every purchase.


The desktop computer and monitor package deals that we offer on vary depending upon the hardware and software configuration you require. The price that you pay for computer package deals depends on the specifications and parts that you want to be included in the machine. If you prefer to upgrade the specifications this may increase the overall package price of the desktop computer packages in Australia otherwise you may settle for the minimum package. Gaming desktop packages are always priced on the higher side due to their configuration.

At Bufferstock you will get the best computer package deals in Australia – these could range from $400 to $800. If you are looking to upgrade your office workstations or your home computer, money won’t be an issue considering our prices are so low. Bufferstock can offer you all the products you need at affordable prices to fulfil your needs. We provide only the finest products. Do you want a simply configured computer to surf the internet or play games? We have the best deal for that.  Do you need a laptop especially configured for gaming?  We can offer you the best deal for that too, and you have a huge range of options to choose from.

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