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Do you know that your 3-year old desktop or computer has gotten a resale value? Whether as a whole or by parts; we utilise your desktop computers in the best possible way. We are Bufferstock Australia Pty Ltd dealing with quality refurbished computers and desktops in Sydney, Australia.

We are a certified and experienced refurbishing company taking care of the environment. Whichever product is not of our work, we get them recycled as per the government and environment e-waste policy. In addition to this, we ensure that the sensitive part of your computer(s) like Hard Disk that stores data is destroyed as per the laid guidelines and under certification.

We are your One-Stop Company for Computer Desktop Need

Whether you want to sell your computers or buy a new one, contact us. At Bufferstock Australia Pty Ltd, we are the leading shop for refurbished desktops in Sydney. We have developed and expanded over the years and now manage wider business aspects – Our service includes picking up your system to move it to our centre even from the farthest corner of Australia.

We Follow a Streamlined Business Process

Since our inception, we know all the aspects of planning and the importance of adhering to it. Therefore, in order to make sure that each mutual requirement is fulfilled, we follow a streamlined process that includes the following

We are Open to be Contacted by you

If your office computer or desktop has broken down or is on the verge of the completion of the agreement, then get in touch with us. We have provided the obligation quotation form. Fill it up with all the details. We will call you back as soon as possible.

We Would Buy your Products

After a thorough assessment of your desktop, we would buy your equipment and pay you the right purchase.

We Take Proper Care of the Equipment

Based on the utility, we sort out the desktop that we collect from your place. This stage consists of two different aspects. These are—


Disassembling the materials and sorting out the recyclable equipment. The sorted materials that can be recycled are sent for recycling


At Bufferstock Australia Pty Ltd, we also take care, whether the item can be recycled or not. If the broken items can be restored, we do it and then sell the refurbished computers to the people looking for it.

Trade it in Your Way with Bufferstock Australia Pty Ltd

Based on the information you up in the form, we would scrutinize your requirements. We would provide you with an upfront cost and a quote that would help you to dispose of your old system. We are always there to assist you in your way. If you need any further information regarding the refurbished computers, our professionals are there to help you out. We would provide you with the best disposal solution for you.

Get in touch with us for the best price for your system in Sydney, Australia.

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