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 Refurbished Government Laptops & All In One Desktops Sydney


Are you looking for refurbished government laptops that have the potential to meet all your requirements or expectations? At Bufferstock Australia Pty Ltd, we take minute care of the performance, features, and security of the refurbished laptops. We take into consideration all your requirements and have the best from the used one. We deal with a wide range of popular stocks that include Dell, Lenovo and many more. Our years of experience and ability to deliver as per the expectations have made us one of the reputed and popular dealers of refurbished laptops and desktop in Sydney, Australia.


Refurbished laptops offer amazing value when compared with similar, brand new laptops. A trusted brand of laptop or computer in a superseded model can be picked up for a fraction of the cost of newer models with comparable specifications. At Bufferstock we resell an extensive range of ex-Government and ex-business laptops and computers.  The products are thoroughly refurbished and tested by us prior to resale.  For this reason, we offer both the best prices and highest quality in the industry. We also offer great customer service with these products ensuring we provide you the best value for money over other second-hand computer providers in Australia.

With Bufferstock, you will only get business-grade products which have been routinely turned over by organisations after their leases are up.

Absolutely! We sell a range of Lenovo, Dell, HP and Acer refurbished computers and laptops in Australia. The benefits of purchasing a refurbished machine boil down to reliability, quality and cost. Our refurbished computers and laptops offer excellent quality features and processing power to help meet all your work and personal requirements. New machines can be very costly. Our refurbished computers still have the technology you need to complete your work, including the latest Microsoft operating system, but at a much lower cost. There are several things you should bear in mind when considering the purchase of a refurbished computer. For starters, never buy products that do not have a reasonable minimum term of warranty – we offer a minimum of 3 months warranty on our products.

There are a few things that you must consider when you are buying a Lenovo, Dell, HP or Acer refurbished computer in Australia. You should take the time to explore and read all the computer’s specifications, to understand whether it meets your requirements.

You should be confident that the body and casing have been thoroughly checked and cleaned. Has the condition and function of the screen been properly tested? The trackpad and keypad on laptops? What about the condition of the CD (compact disc) / DVD (digital video disc) drive and various ports? Has the seller checked the wireless connectivity? Tested laptop speakers and webcam?  What about the condition of the battery?

You can shop with confidence on Bufferstock’s website as our rigorous quality procedures ensure that every product we ship has been thoroughly checked tested before it leaves our warehouse.

There are several reasons why you should choose Bufferstock for a refurbished all in one desktop. First and foremost is the quality of the products we offer. The products we sell are rigorously and thoroughly tested. We generally ship Australia-wide the next business day so that you can use them as soon as possible. Our products come with 90 days warranty period as standard, with additional warranty available for a small extra cost should you prefer. We have several attractive offers for our valued customers, including amazing computer and monitor package deals across our entire range.

When you buy your refurbished computers from us, you’ll get everything you need to start work. We pride ourselves on offering only the most trusted brands.

Yes, refurbished laptops are certainly reliable. The best companies that sell refurbished laptops in Australia deal exclusively in machines that have been decommissioned from large companies and government agencies. These computers inevitably have been professionally maintained, and are in any case properly tested and checked before being resold. This is a fair indication that when you buy refurbished government laptops, you are getting some of the best and most reliable products available.

These ex-lease laptops always offer great value because the organisations that lease them have a contractual duty to maintain them and return them in excellent condition. If they do not care for the devices, they bear the financial repercussions. This is one reason we have confidence in our products and know you can rely on them too. For peace of mind, we also provide a longer warranty.

If you want to save money on a laptop you should purchase from our range of some of the best refurbished laptops in Australia.  Experts also recommend refurbished laptops for best value. At Bufferstock we offer Australia’s best range of quality Lenovo, Dell, HP and Acer refurbished laptops at highly competitive prices. They offer huge savings compared to the latest models.

The best refurbished laptops are those which serve your needs – those which allow you to do all the work you need to do, as well as any creative projects. You should determine what features you would like your machine to have before starting your search.  This way you’ll choose a laptop that suits your needs and is on you will be happy with.

You can trust Bufferstock to offer you the latest Microsoft operating system, processing power, graphics and speed you need. Our prices are affordable, and the quality is unbeatable. We sell only ex-government and ex-lease products to make sure we offer you only the best quality with our products. We only sell products that previous owners have properly taken care of.

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