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Get an Unmatched Deal on Used & Refurbished Computer Monitors

Are you planning to replace your old, outdated monitor with something new? Is it the budget limit that is pulling you behind? Leave your worries behind when you are choosing Bufferstock as your partner. We are the trusted dealer of refurbished computer monitors in the Australian market from where you can purchase the best of genuine computer accessories at the best price available.

  • Same Guarantee in an Affordable Price

    Thinking that the used, refurbished computer monitors will not come with any guarantee? That’s where you have got us wrong, then! Bufferstock completely understands your need for genuine accessories for your computer.

    At the same time, we understand your budget crunch too! And, these are the factors that we have considered to ensure that you get the genuine monitor backed by the same quality guarantee but without spending that amount of money.

    All our branded refurbished products come with a 30 days guarantee!


  • Find the Ideal Match for Your Computer

    From our collection of refurbished computer monitors, you can expect to get monitors that are being refurbished to meet the diverse needs of different computers. The high-quality resolution, a large screen or vibrant colour – no matter what your need is, we will find your ideal match in no time.

    Refurbished Computer Monitor Minimizes Environmental Impact
    Computer parts do contain some harmful toxic elements such as lead, cadmium, chromium and some flame-retardant. If you have made your mind on purchasing refurbished computer monitors instead of a new one, you are leaving a positive environmental impact. Let us make you understand how –

    • Stopping the computer parts ending up in the landfill that can harm the environment, water bodies, and even animal life.
    • Cutting down the amount of electronic waste that usually occurs almost 24/7 as the manufacturers keep on producing new computer accessories.
    • Putting control of how the manufacturers are working continuously to manufacturing different computer parts and on decreasing the demand for new accessories.

    Willing to minimize your carbon footprint? Your small step of investing in the refurbished computer monitors can help you to do that.


  • We Offer Bulk Monitors for Commercial Use!

    If saving is what you are looking for, then we are here to help you with the solution. Save 20%-80% on used computer monitors by ordering bulk monitors for commercial or workplace use.

    Your employees will feel good finding a brand-new monitor on their desks, completely unaware of the fact that those used ones. That’s the quality of our work you can expect to enjoy. And, your business cost-cutting will see a grand success right away!

    We are inevitably leading the way of the popularity of refurbished computers. With the price of new computer parts skyrocketing, we are helping you to stay within the budget line. We sell the most trusted brands of computer monitors that will last as long as new parts without the need of going for any servicing.

    Visit our online store today, pick your favourite brand and get started with your work now. Contact our experts today!


Yes, refurbished computer monitors are worth the investment that you make in them. When you purchase a refurbished monitor from a trustworthy vendor such as Bufferstock, you are making a wise purchase. They’re comparable to new monitors, or may at the very least have some slight cosmetic damage, but will still be entirely functional.  Buying from a reputable vendor such as Bufferstock, you will always be informed of any cosmetic issues that the product has so you can make an informed decision. There are lots of savings to be made by purchasing these cheaper, refurbished products.

Yes refurbished computer monitors are a great idea in terms of a cost savings and worthwhile investment - however, you should take care when buying these machines and make sure that seller has thoroughly tested them and they are okay and function properly. These monitors may come with slight dings and scratches along the sides. However, if the screen is in working order, you will have no issues with it. Always turn it on immediately after the delivery.   If there are any issues within the first 3 months, you can always return the equipment and have it replaced.

Refurbished computer monitors can be in service for many years and never display any issues. They are robust products, and we always make sure that we offer you the best brands and best models available. We test the products thoroughly to make sure they arrive for your use with zero issues. We will always send you the item you have ordered, meeting your needs with the required specifications. We try our best to offer great value for the money that you spend on products from us.

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